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In antiquity only very rich people could travel for the purpose of rest, new impressions. But at the same time, tens of thousands of people traveled for the purpose of pilgrimage, wanting to visit the holy places, revered temples. Of course, the purpose of the pilgrimage is religious - spiritual touch, adherence to relics, often with the hope of healing. Nevertheless, the tourist infrastructure began to develop along the routes of these pilgrimages - roads, hotels and inns, taverns and snack bars were built, the first guides and guides appeared. And among the deeply religious pilgrims there should have appeared curious and inquisitive, for whom these shrines were the subject of cultural and educational tourism. Thus, the ancient Greeks willingly visited even more ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids.

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Vacation travel - Brandenburg Gate Berlin trip, picture #380
Vacation travel - Brandenburg Gate Berlin trip
Vacation travel - Arhangelskoe - Moscow, picture #430
Vacation travel - Arhangelskoe - Moscow
Vacation travel - Bang Pa-In Royal - Bangkok, picture #472
Vacation travel - Bang Pa-In Royal - Bangkok
Vacation travel - Maldives vacations, picture #293
Vacation travel - Maldives vacations
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Park - USA, picture #511
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Park - USA
Vacation travel - Old Tower in Germany, picture #134
Vacation travel - Old Tower in Germany

Asia is an amazing place to stay with a rich and rich History and Culture. Each of the local attractions has its own history, which, undoubtedly, it would be very interesting to learn. A vacation here will refresh you, let you learn a lot of new things, get some insight into the most interesting places and see stunning landscapes. Below is a list of places that you must visit if you have the opportunity to visit Asia. It is human Nature to seek Adventure. Thirst for travel was once considered a disease. At the end of the 19th century, "pathological travelers" were sent to psychiatric hospitals - and this was not the worst outcome for them.

Vacation travel - Iguazu Falls tours, picture #218
Vacation travel - Iguazu Falls tours
Vacation travel - Barcelona - Spain tours, picture #289
Vacation travel - Barcelona - Spain tours
Vacation travel - Helsinki tourism Finland, picture #244
Vacation travel - Helsinki tourism Finland
Vacation travel - Whale in Maui Hawaii, picture #306
Vacation travel - Whale in Maui Hawaii
Vacation travel - Uspensky monastery, picture #200
Vacation travel - Uspensky monastery
Vacation travel - Kara Dag sunrise, picture #148
Vacation travel - Kara Dag sunrise

In the modern world of tourism and entertainment, travel for many people has become the main goal of life. Traveling is freedom, unusual experience, new acquaintances. For the sake of the opportunity to wander, people get a high-paying job, refuse to burden them in the form of pets or even a family. The local population is not every day go to restaurants, and you do not need. Better go to the supermarket and cook your own food. If there you do not have a separate kitchen, then buy the ingredients for sandwiches and go to the Park for a picnic.

Vacation travel - Cheget Freeride Heaven, picture #243
Vacation travel - Cheget Freeride Heaven
Vacation travel - Captain Cook Ship, picture #81
Vacation travel - Captain Cook's Ship
Vacation travel - Fiji resorts - Malola, picture #10
Vacation travel - Fiji resorts - Malola
Vacation travel - Israel tourism Jerusalem, picture #213
Vacation travel - Israel tourism Jerusalem
Vacation travel - Xian city - China, picture #97
Vacation travel - Xian city - China
Vacation travel - Easter Island travel Chile, picture #239
Vacation travel - Easter Island travel Chile

In our time, absolutely everything has a mobile lifestyle. Virtually any business in one form or another can be practiced at any end of the world. It is not surprising that many people live from flight to flight. But before that, there were travelers who were ready to give up everything and go on a long journey to discover unexplored places - such as Magellan, Marco Polo and others. Obviously, the great pioneers were driven by the craving for new places and cultures. Not unimportant was probably the factor to be there the very first. And, although now there are almost no gaps on the world map, and space satellites cover 100% of the Earth's surface, each of us also strives for discoveries - albeit exclusively personal ones.

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