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Roman emperors paid much attention to the development of roads. It was necessary for the best management of such a huge country. Along the roads, state-owned hotels were built every 15 miles, in which travelers could rest and eat. Maps of these roads began to appear on the markets of the empire, indicating the hotels and the shortest routes to specific cities. These guidebooks have already begun to describe the sights that the traveler can see along the way. Archaeologists have found several silver cups with engraved road schemes and the designation of hotels. Such cups were sold on certain popular routes and served not only as cards, but also as souvenirs. The Romans were among the first to start using climatic health resorts. Rich citizens of Rome built villas in Egypt, on the seashore, which were used for rest and treatment.

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Vacation travel - Caribbean vacations, picture #373
Vacation travel - Caribbean vacations
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol, picture #216
Vacation travel - Sea of Cortez dolphin patrol
Vacation travel - Sydney harbour view, picture #395
Vacation travel - Sydney harbour view
Vacation travel - Travel Shanghai, picture #35
Vacation travel - Travel Shanghai
Vacation travel - Notre Dame - Paris, picture #167
Vacation travel - Notre Dame - Paris
Vacation travel - Thai vacations, picture #4
Vacation travel - Thai vacations

Some travelers are driven by the motivation of exclusivity - to try their hand at difficult trips. Such people love traditional tourism - mountains, tents and everyday difficulties. A man as if transcends his Nature, turns out to be one on one in battle with the raging elements. Travel should not be expensive. They should be easy, inexpensive and most importantly, fun. Things are just things. Novice tourists consider it their duty to take on the road 10 suitcases with outfits for all occasions and full equipment in case of the end of the world. But over time, travel teaches that the abundance of baggage only hinders. A person on the way (as in life) needs a minimum of clothes, two pairs of shoes, hygiene products, money and documents.

Vacation travel - Xian Drum Tower - China, picture #445
Vacation travel - Xian Drum Tower - China
Vacation travel - Mexico vacations, picture #202
Vacation travel - Mexico vacations
Vacation travel - Cook Islands travel, picture #182
Vacation travel - Cook Islands travel
Vacation travel - Sri Lanka tours, picture #388
Vacation travel - Sri Lanka tours
Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia, picture #410
Vacation travel - Perhentian Islands - Malaysia
Vacation travel - Armenian church, picture #89
Vacation travel - Armenian church

In the journey you can find out the true face of yourself or anyone else quickly enough. Go along with him on the road. It is immediately clear how a person behaves in unfamiliar surroundings, what his real character and habits are. Most of us do not ask the reasons for our desire to travel, but each trip inevitably changes us - whether we want it or not. Travel, learn the world and yourself in it.

Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations, picture #330
Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations
Vacation travel - Wooden church - Ples - Russia, picture #253
Vacation travel - Wooden church - Ples - Russia
Vacation travel - Monaco cruises, picture #397
Vacation travel - Monaco cruises
Vacation travel - Buenos Aires vacations, picture #205
Vacation travel - Buenos Aires vacations
Vacation travel - Moai - Easter Island, picture #102
Vacation travel - Moai - Easter Island
Vacation travel - Bora-Bora island Tahiti, picture #254
Vacation travel - Bora-Bora island Tahiti

Are you looking forward to good weather to go on another trip, or are you looking forward to a vacation six months before the Summer? Maybe you enter into 20% of the population of our planet with an inborn travel trap? Yes, scientists have determined that a particular gene is responsible for the passion for tourism, and every fifth person has it. Travel light, take a minimum of luggage with you. The cost of airline tickets of low-cost airlines often includes only hand luggage, and you will have to pay separately for luggage. Why do you need heavy bags on a trip and 4 pairs of shoes for 10 days?

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