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Rabban Sauma, who is called the Chinese Marco Polo, became the only immigrant from China who described his journey through Europe. Being a Nestorian monk, Rabban set out on a long and dangerous pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 1278 area. Having advanced from the Mongolian capital Khanbalik, that is, present-day Beijing, he crossed all of Asia, but already approaching Persia, learned about the war in the Holy Land and changed the route. In Persia, Rabban Sauma was cordially received, and several years later, at the request of Argun Khan, he was equipped with a diplomatic mission to Rome. First he visited Constantinople and King Andronik II, then visited Rome, where he established international contact with the cardinals, and eventually ended up in France, at the court of King Philip the Fair, proposing an alliance with Argun Khan. On the way back, the Chinese monk was granted the audience of the newly elected Pope and met with the English king Edward I.

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Vacation travel - Venice tours Italy, picture #300
Vacation travel - Venice tours Italy
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Vacation travel - Sydney harbour view
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Vacation travel - Antarctic tourism
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Vacation travel - Bull shark - Mozambique
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Vacation travel - Kruger Park - South Africa

The main factor pushing people to travel is the lack of Adventure or, in scientific terms, sensory (psychological) hunger - the need for fresh impressions. "And what is there, beyond the horizon?" - this question was asked all times by people. Thanks to the travel to humanity discovered Siberia, Australia, America, the Moon, Mars. Thanks to inexhaustible curiosity, the desire for discovery, the spirit of adventure, we strive to be at the other end of the Earth, look at people, get to know life better.

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Vacation travel - Montenegro travel
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Vacation travel - Africa tours Kenya
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Vacation travel - Kangaroo Island tours

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