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Sea air is saturated with salts, phytoncides of algae, so it is called "sea cocktail" - a very useful "inhalation" for your lungs and skin. Sea air improves skin elasticity, moisturizes it. The sea has always attracted man. He can endlessly enjoy the view of the sea, the song that the waves sing. The sea is a beautiful creation of nature! The sea is warm and inviting, angry and terrible, bright and quiet, harsh and cold. Once having seen the sea, you will never forget it!

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Vacation travel - Yaroslavl - Russia, picture #45
Vacation travel - Yaroslavl - Russia
Vacation travel - Baikal lake - Russia, picture #393
Vacation travel - Baikal lake - Russia
Vacation travel - Red Sea diving excursions, picture #355
Vacation travel - Red Sea diving excursions
Vacation travel - Nagoya Castle - Japan, picture #203
Vacation travel - Nagoya Castle - Japan
Vacation travel - Channel in Venice, picture #135
Vacation travel - Channel in Venice
Vacation travel - Baikal lake fishing, picture #521
Vacation travel - Baikal lake fishing

The journey will teach you what you will never know otherwise. Imagine people who look at life in a completely different way, who have strange and, at times, horrific traditions and a completely different Religion. The opportunity to learn all this inspires and awakens your curiosity in relation to everything that you can see and feel. Not all people can Relax. No matter how loved and pleasant our work is, we just need a vacation.

Vacation travel - Moorea hotels - Tahiti, picture #379
Vacation travel - Moorea hotels - Tahiti
Vacation travel - Germany tours Rhine, picture #191
Vacation travel - Germany tours Rhine
Vacation travel - Kirche - Kalinigrad, picture #94
Vacation travel - Kirche - Kalinigrad
Vacation travel - Antelope Canyon, picture #68
Vacation travel - Antelope Canyon
Vacation travel - Wyoming - USA, picture #426
Vacation travel - Wyoming - USA
Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations, picture #330
Vacation travel - Mallorca vacations

While on vacation, you should not overly indulge yourself with a tasty, but often not very healthy food - give your body the opportunity to rest, arrange unloading days for healthy food for it. In hot seaside resorts, like nowhere, they like to serve drinks with a huge amount of ice, to arrange drafts in a cafe and to turn on air conditioning at full capacity. Components of Exotic dishes, unfamiliar plants of another region, bleach in the pool - all this can provoke an allergic reaction.

Vacation travel - Old Wooden Chapel, picture #150
Vacation travel - Old Wooden Chapel
Vacation travel - travel Gold Coast, picture #160
Vacation travel - travel Gold Coast
Vacation travel - Bang Pa-In Royal - Bangkok, picture #472
Vacation travel - Bang Pa-In Royal - Bangkok
Vacation travel - Old Tower in Germany, picture #134
Vacation travel - Old Tower in Germany
Vacation travel - Torzhok - Tver - Russia, picture #493
Vacation travel - Torzhok - Tver - Russia
Vacation travel - St - Petersburg quay, picture #394
Vacation travel - St - Petersburg quay

The main thing in finding ways to rest is to listen to your body, it will tell you exactly what he needs most - sleep and rest or ride a bike or a horse. There is an opinion that your vacation should be the complete opposite of what you do in everyday life. So that your positive emotions, received by you during the rest, do not leave you throughout the whole year - do not forget to take photos.

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