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Rest on the sea is the path to harmony. Thanks to the sound of waves, the cry of seagulls, the enchanting seascapes, the sea is an ideal place for meditation, for getting rid of stress. Sitting on the shore, try to stop the flow of everyday thoughts, relax, enjoy the beauty around you, feel free from everyday fuss, because for this you came to the sea. Clean sea air is a real cure for humans. Experts advise walking along the seashore, as the air enriched with iodine, bromine and magnesium gives us a charge of vitality and calms the nervous system. The sea air is useful for people because it is rich in oxygen and ozone, and in a storm it is rich in phytoncides of algae. Thus, the air has antimicrobial effects.

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Vacation travel - Old windmil - Russia, picture #483
Vacation travel - Old windmil - Russia
Vacation travel - Curved bridge - Norway fjord, picture #464
Vacation travel - Curved bridge - Norway fjord
Vacation travel - Sipadan diving holidays, picture #169
Vacation travel - Sipadan diving holidays
Vacation travel - Martinique sunset, picture #8
Vacation travel - Martinique sunset
Vacation travel - Tokyo tourism, picture #6
Vacation travel - Tokyo tourism
Vacation travel - Lapland winter Finland tours, picture #358
Vacation travel - Lapland winter Finland tours

Why do people need a vacation? Is it needed at all, or is the need for it a sign that something is missing in everyday life and needs to be changed? It is hardly possible to try real Ajarian khachapuri, Georgian khinkali, Nepalese momo dumplings and rice Dal Bat, Thai Tom Yam soup and Vietnamese spring rolls at home. People even invented a new branch in travels - gastronomic tours. Simply put, when you go abroad just to eat and drink.

Vacation travel - Barbados Gazebo, picture #529
Vacation travel - Barbados Gazebo
Vacation travel - Jamaica tours Ocho Rios, picture #305
Vacation travel - Jamaica tours Ocho Rios
Vacation travel - Charin canyon - Kazakhstan, picture #451
Vacation travel - Charin canyon - Kazakhstan
Vacation travel - Monaco cruises, picture #397
Vacation travel - Monaco cruises
Vacation travel - West Africa Diving, picture #70
Vacation travel - West Africa Diving
Vacation travel - Dominican republic resorts, picture #361
Vacation travel - Dominican republic resorts

Do not forget to take drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases that you usually take, so that they will last for the entire period of your absence at home. Going on vacation, leave at home all thoughts of work: no important letters, urgent calls and other things. The planet from your 10-day absence will definitely not turn in the other direction, but your psyche must be protected!

Vacation travel - Grand Geyser - Yellowstone, picture #447
Vacation travel - Grand Geyser - Yellowstone
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Falls, picture #98
Vacation travel - Yellowstone Falls
Vacation travel - Koh Chang beach - Thailand, picture #286
Vacation travel - Koh Chang beach - Thailand
Vacation travel - Philippines vacations, picture #301
Vacation travel - Philippines vacations
Vacation travel - Serengeti sunset - Africa, picture #399
Vacation travel - Serengeti sunset - Africa
Vacation travel - Samoa vacation, picture #198
Vacation travel - Samoa vacation

What can you do while on vacation at all? Despite all the professional advice to avoid direct sunlight at noon, do not go camping without a mosquito drugs and not to experiment with dangerous vehicles without small but annoying injuries can not do hardly any one holiday. To avoid the loss of time and money, many serious troubles on the road and at the end of the holidays, tourists should read and use the recommendations to ensure their safety according to the stories and recommendations of experienced travelers.

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