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Dive into the sea or ocean depths, explore the underwater caves and gorges, study the peculiarities of life of corals and other inhabitants of the giant aquarium - how and why do people go diving and snorkeling? Diving among tourists is becoming increasingly popular. Diving allows us to get closer to the diverse marine life. The abundance of wild sea animals, coral reefs will make you laugh, and can scare. Just imagine the thousands of fish and sea creatures of the most unusual type, size, color and shape swimming around you.

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Vacation travel - Mojave National Preserve, picture #431
Vacation travel - Mojave National Preserve
Vacation travel - Fishing tour - Indochina, picture #409
Vacation travel - Fishing tour - Indochina
Vacation travel - Versailles Palace, picture #43
Vacation travel - Versailles Palace
Vacation travel - Kremlin tower, picture #122
Vacation travel - Kremlin tower
Vacation travel - Moai - Easter Island, picture #102
Vacation travel - Moai - Easter Island
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Guajara bay, picture #312
Vacation travel - Brazil travel Guajara bay

Our memories are probably the most expensive thing we can have. We are the creators of the moments of our lives: both pleasant and not so much ones. But in any case, then it will be cool to remember everything and in some places to understand how you have changed. The main thing is not to forget to live here and now, enjoy life and not seek any reason to travel. Just dream about, plan and implement new adventures.

Vacation travel - Fly to Seattle, picture #267
Vacation travel - Fly to Seattle
Vacation travel - Thai vacations, picture #4
Vacation travel - Thai vacations
Vacation travel - Lombok Island - Indonesia, picture #415
Vacation travel - Lombok Island - Indonesia
Vacation travel - Thailand spa hotels, picture #402
Vacation travel - Thailand spa hotels
Vacation travel - Rome - Italy, picture #288
Vacation travel - Rome - Italy
Vacation travel - New York City, picture #233
Vacation travel - New York City

Each traveler, who organizes his trip on his own, decides how to get to a place of rest. For some, cost is important, for others it is a matter of time, someone is afraid to fly, and someone likes to travel around the neighborhood. In preparing the trip, special attention should be paid to the History, religious rites and geography of your destination. In the notebook write out the phone numbers of the consulate, the embassy and the local phone rescue.

Vacation travel - Vast Siberia - Russia, picture #385
Vacation travel - Vast Siberia - Russia
Vacation travel - Egypt Travel, picture #36
Vacation travel - Egypt Travel
Vacation travel - Notre Dame de Paris - France, picture #283
Vacation travel - Notre Dame de Paris - France
Vacation travel - Mauritius Island, picture #129
Vacation travel - Mauritius Island
Vacation travel - Patagonian whale, picture #525
Vacation travel - Patagonian whale
Vacation travel - Peekaboo Trail - USA, picture #442
Vacation travel - Peekaboo Trail - USA

What men try to call "female logic" is actually emotional logic. Practically no one of the stronger sex would ever think to justify his actions, referring to feelings and sensations. Meanwhile, for the weaker sex, the emotions that are experienced are in themselves sufficient reason to perform certain actions. And just getting a good feeling can be the only argument to go on a trip.

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