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The history of mankind is inextricably linked with its relationship to the ocean and the depths of the sea, and all that is in them. Since ancient times, man has been attracted by the beauty and romance of the vast expanses of the sea and the richest depths of the Ocean. In their wildest dreams, people saw themselves conquering the depths of the sea, feeling under water if not amphibian fish, then at least members of Captain Nemo's team, collecting countless treasures of sunken ships. These dreams of mankind were brought to life by another Captain - Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who in the middle of the 20th century created an autonomous underwater vehicle - an aqualung, and brought his invention to a level that allowed him to use it safely, by almost anyone who had undergone preliminary training.

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Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland, picture #177
Vacation travel - Zurich - Switzerland
Vacation travel - Buenos Aires vacations, picture #205
Vacation travel - Buenos Aires vacations
Vacation travel - Bali beach - Indonesia, picture #329
Vacation travel - Bali beach - Indonesia
Vacation travel - Angkor Wat face, picture #7
Vacation travel - Angkor Wat face
Vacation travel - Travel Shanghai, picture #35
Vacation travel - Travel Shanghai
Vacation travel - Golden Ring of Russia, picture #500
Vacation travel - Golden Ring of Russia

Photography - a passion for displaying your views on this world pulls travelers to different remote corners of the world, where there were already hundreds of people, or no one's foot had gone before. The main goal you pursue is to make a wonderful photo from a view that other people have not yet found, and consider it the best because it was found by you. The development of artistic taste. First of all, we pay attention to the Architecture. Note the general and the differences. The love of art develops shooting photos and videos. How can you go on a trip and not capture everything that we see?

Vacation travel - Mozambique dhow, picture #30
Vacation travel - Mozambique dhow
Vacation travel - Concorde Square, picture #74
Vacation travel - Concorde Square
Vacation travel - Tunisian Ancient City, picture #479
Vacation travel - Tunisian Ancient City
Vacation travel - Africa tourism, picture #55
Vacation travel - Africa tourism
Vacation travel - Guadeloupe tourism, picture #178
Vacation travel - Guadeloupe tourism
Vacation travel - Ranrapalka peak, picture #154
Vacation travel - Ranrapalka peak

"Wildlife" refers to untouched places on our planet, as well as plants and Animals that live independently of humans. But this phrase has many nuances. For lovers of urban life, the "wild Nature" begins 30 minutes from a decent restaurant, a warm bath or a comfortable bed. Other people think that it is the "wild", that is, remote, Island in the blink of an eye can be destroyed by another person. And some people are simply admired by the immaculate wisdom of the Creator in creating natural masterpieces.

Vacation travel - Golden Buddha - Penang, picture #115
Vacation travel - Golden Buddha - Penang
Vacation travel - Dombai in winter - Russia, picture #413
Vacation travel - Dombai in winter - Russia
Vacation travel - Venice tours Italy, picture #300
Vacation travel - Venice tours Italy
Vacation travel - Plitvice National Park, picture #324
Vacation travel - Plitvice National Park
Vacation travel - Helsinki tours - Finland trips, picture #347
Vacation travel - Helsinki tours - Finland trips
Vacation travel - Mont Saint Michel - France, picture #398
Vacation travel - Mont Saint Michel - France

Many people do not allow themselves to rest, considering it to be egoism or a waste of money. Often you can hear the phrase: "I have no time to rest, if I rest - who will feed the family?" Yes, if you insist on staying in five-star hotels and luxury resorts, travel can be very expensive. However, you can visit many corners of the world and only spend $10-30 per day. For local calls, sending sms and mobile Internet, connect to a local operator. In Asia, the connection is generally very cheap, but even in Europe it will be more profitable than using roaming.

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