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Pedestrians, equestrians, and travelers, using very different means of swimming, risked their lives from time immemorial to reach their goal and return, but their wanderings had great meaning. The first travelers of the Earth enriched not only their own knowledge, but also made their people richer, bringing material and spiritual benefits from foreign lands. Samples of other cultures, knowledge, skills, technology and minerals were used in the home country, in public administration and in industry.

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Vacation travel - Wooden windmill, picture #152
Vacation travel - Wooden windmill
Vacation travel - Wat Phra Si Sanphet, picture #126
Vacation travel - Wat Phra Si Sanphet
Vacation travel - Madagascar kitesurfing, picture #354
Vacation travel - Madagascar kitesurfing
Vacation travel - Patagonian whales, picture #524
Vacation travel - Patagonian whales
Vacation travel - Kislovodsk - Russia, picture #85
Vacation travel - Kislovodsk - Russia
Vacation travel - Barbados Sunset, picture #528
Vacation travel - Barbados Sunset

Who among us does not dream of distant amazing countries? Who has ever thought about moving to the fascinating country of his dreams, with which he has the warmest memories or the most important hopes? And for someone, one day, a dream becomes a reality. Watch for promotional offers. If you are among the lucky ones who are able to pack a suitcase and go on vacation the next day, take advantage of this. Short-term promotional offers are very profitable - you can catch a tour, discounted up to 50-60%. It often happens that the biggest discount falls on those trips that are just a day or two away.

Vacation travel - Iguazu Waterfall - Argentina, picture #416
Vacation travel - Iguazu Waterfall - Argentina
Vacation travel - Halong Bay Cruises, picture #227
Vacation travel - Halong Bay Cruises
Vacation travel - The Long and Winding Road, picture #476
Vacation travel - The Long and Winding Road
Vacation travel - Taj Mahal reflection - India, picture #503
Vacation travel - Taj Mahal reflection - India
Vacation travel - Masai Mara - South Africa, picture #452
Vacation travel - Masai Mara - South Africa
Vacation travel - Yangtze River - China trips, picture #368
Vacation travel - Yangtze River - China trips

Study the issue with airport transfer. Some airlines offer a transfer to the City with the ticket, which is not always, but it is often cheaper than buying a ticket or ordering a taxi at the airport upon arrival. At major airports, there are usually hotels right in the border area. For international flights in advance, you should familiarize yourself with the customs rules for importing goods. Do not put valuables and laptops in the baggage, most airlines will not compensate you for their cost. In tropical countries, be careful with local produce and cuisine. Refrain from eating Exotic thermally uncooked dishes, otherwise there is a high probability of digestive problems. Observe hygiene measures and drink only bottled Water.

Vacation travel -  greek clay pots - Cyprus, picture #336
Vacation travel - greek clay pots - Cyprus
Vacation travel - Motor-boat - Venice - Italy, picture #245
Vacation travel - Motor-boat - Venice - Italy
Vacation travel - Greenland tourism, picture #161
Vacation travel - Greenland tourism
Vacation travel - Russia hotels, picture #22
Vacation travel - Russia hotels
Vacation travel - Cancun resorts, picture #82
Vacation travel - Cancun resorts
Vacation travel - Kruger Park - South Africa, picture #418
Vacation travel - Kruger Park - South Africa

Traveling is new ideas. A change of scenery has a great effect on the ability to think creatively and otherwise approach the solution of complex problems. There are problems? Visit an unfamiliar place and take a break from worries. When you return, you will surely come to the right choice. In many European cities, parking is often paid, but almost everywhere there are supermarkets where you can Park your car for free. Paper maps are a thing of the past. Install offline maps in your smartphone.

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